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Essence of Health

Island Time

Island Time

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We all need to feel like we are on running on island time every now and then. Feeling the need to find that laid back and relaxed attitude. This soothing and uplifting blend will boost your spirits, relax your tension and melt away the stress.

Essential Oils used: Sweet Orange, Frankincense, Steam Distilled Lemon, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood.

Uses: Apply our blended option topically, add to your warm bath or add 5-10 drops to aromastick to take on the go. Spray perfume on your pulse points or on your linens for a nice relaxing rest.

Oil Blend Base uses Jojoba. Perfume & Spray uses alcohol base.

Strength of Aroma: Light to Medium

Aroma Scent: lightly floral and bright with Citrus 

This blend is designed for topical or aromatic use do not take internally.

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