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Essence of Health



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This bright and happy blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Tangerine essential oils offers a grounding and calming effect when stress, tension or feeling overwhelmed. We designed it with children in mind, but adults love it too! 

Ingredients for roller bottles and 30 ml oils bottles: Organic Jojoba, Lavender, Cedarwood himalayan, Tangerine essential oils. 

Spray: Alcohol base with Lavender, Cedarwood himalayan, Tangerine essential oils.

Uses: Apply our blended option topically, add to your warm bath, add 5-10 drops to aromastick to take on the go. Massage this blend onto chest or feet at bedtime. Use our spray on your linens or pulse points as you would any perfume.

Strength of Aroma: Light to Medium

Aromatic Scent: Cedar with a hint of citrus

Cautions: None known.

This blend is for topical or aromatic use only.  

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