What are Essential Oils

Essential oils are found in fruits, trees, blossoms, plants, seeds and roots. The essential oil is actually found in special glands or cells of some plants, trees, etc but not in all plants. Essential oils are the natural oil typically obtained by steam distillation or cold pressing and have the characteristic fragrance of the plant, root, seed, or bark from which it is extracted. Like that lovely aroma when peeling an orange, the essential oil is what you are smelling. Essential oils and their components have been studied and used for a very long time. Knowing the components of an oil helps us to understand how they can help us and what we might choose to use one to help us achieve our health goals.

Essential oils and many times what are referred to as fragrance oils are used in many skin care products and perfumes. While they offer wonderful fragrance quality and are ideal for consistent aroma they are not designed and can actually be altered therapeutically speaking. They do not offer the benefits of the pure version of the essential oil we will be focused on.

As mentioned previously, essential oils are extracted from flowers, grasses, fruits, rinds, stems, flowers, sees, roots, or trees. Each oil has specific characteristics which determine their use and efficacy. Some are stimulating, while others are relaxing, some reduce pain and inflammation, while others are anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic, uplifting, mood enhancing and so much more. Utilizing the science of Aromatherapy you can decide which oils to add to your routine and to have them assist you in reaching your health goals. To learn more terms and uses essential oils have visit our common terms page.