Our commitment to self care and holistic wellness is a huge part of Essence of Health. Feeling burn out, exhausted, pain, scattered and such take a toll on not only ourselves but our families. In our courses and coaching sessions helping our clients find their balance is our mission. Working together we formulate a plan and strategize ways you can implement self care into your daily life. Trying out several different options because no one person is the same and neither is what feeds our soul.


This session is about giving your practical tools for your wellbeing. The course offering has our bootcamp which is a self taught program with weekly coaching sessions in our group. Choose the one that is best for you and go for it! Remember you are worthy of at least a few minutes every single day just for you!

Online Self Care Courses

Try one of our self care focused courses to help get yourself back on track! These offerings change often so be sure check in and see if we have something for you!

Aromatherapy Consulting & Education

Schedule an aromatherapy consult to learn more about essential oil use for your health and wellness goals. We also offer custom blend and product consults so you can receive a one of kind blend just for you.