Get Started with Essential Oils & DIY Oil Tips

Getting started with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy is a wonderful thing so congratulations for going for it! The world of aromatherapy is a massive and beautiful world full of science and art and I am still blown away by the many ways these oils can impact people for the better.

With all that said safety is extremely important and in all honesty not always found on the various sites on the internet. Essential Oils are extremely powerful and not all oils are safe for use on all people with just any medical condition. Some oils should be avoided for children, others for folks on Coumadin or other blood thinners and some for people with seizure disorders such as Epilepsy. For more information on safety visit our safety section.

Where do you buy essential oils, who can you trust?

Well that is a big one in the aromatherapy world for sure. With companies selling oils that say they are "100 % Pure" that are being tested and proven filled with synthetic fillers or worse oils that are not even on the label sourcing pure oils is definitely a concern. I have found several companies that I love and would recommend without blinking an eye but we should stay vigilant and be sure to communicate with your chosen company and ask them about batch testing and storage if ever in doubt.

Now I will say this, you do need to do a little searching to buy quality oils to use in your blends. Time and time again chemists in our industry have tested various sellers and guys they come back loaded with junk and some times the oil listed on the label is not even inside the bottle. I get it essential oils are and can be very expensive but there is a reason for that, it takes a ton of plant matter to create these beauties so plan to pay accordingly. 

  • Our Oils and blends are already blended and created for you to use right now. We use 100% pure essential oils, organic jojoba or butters such as shea and cocoa in every item we create. The companies listed below are companies we know and recommend for people to buy undiluted essential oil singles such as pure Frankincense, Peppermint, Lavender, etc.
  • Aromatics International is owned and run by aromatherapists and they are committed to ethical sourcing, many of their oils sourced by artisan farmers and distillers. All their oils are tested and they show those right on the website.
  • Plant Therapy also owned and run by aromatherapists and they also list their testing for each batch of oil. They also have oils listed that are kid safe right on their site.
  • Stillpoint Aromatics is owned by aromatherapists and distills some of their own oils as well as sourcing from as many artisan farmers and distillers as possible. 
  • Mountain Rose Herbs is a wonderful company that has herbal tinctures, blends, essential oils and herbs to create your goodies. They are very earth focused and try to do things ethically and responsibly. 

There are lots more wonderful sellers and distillers out there than what is listed here. Venture out, check out websites and ask questions from them to see what might be the best fit for you. I find most of us get products from multiple companies. 

How much oil do I use and when?

Essential oils should be diluted when applying them topically to the skin. When using them in your diffuser, aromasticks, or steam pots you do not dilute them first. Learn more about dilution and common ratios on our blog or on our page about dilutions and safety

If you want to get your hands on some great recipes and learn ways to use your oils visit our blog, grab one of our ebooks and don't forget to join us on social media and join our newsletter to get ideas and share how you are using your oils. We learn better together :)