Essential Oil Dilutions - How to dilute Essential Oils

Essential Oil Dilution recommendations

I always recommend using conservative dilution ratios when using essential oils. You can always add more essentials if needed so starting low and adding as you go is best. The chart below represents number of drops of essential oil to milliliters or ounces of carrier oil or lotion. Learn more about carriers and what they are in this post.

How to know when to use what dilution? Usually 1% for regular or frequent, daily type use, use on children and the elderly or anyone in a very fragile health state. 2-3% is for chronic or health conditions that require frequent application but not daily, muscle tightness, use for a regular recurring issue. Lastly, 3-5% is more for acute issues, a flare up of a problem, illness, etc.

​Dilution Ratio Recommendations

1% Dilution

½ oz (15 ml)- 3 drops

1 oz (30 ml) – 5 to 6 drops

2% Dilution

½ oz (15 ml)- 5 to 6 drops

1 oz (30 ml) – 10 to 12 drops

3% Dilution

½ oz (15 ml) – 8 to 10 drops

1 oz (30 ml) – 15 to 18 drops

4% Dilution

½ oz (15 ml) – 14 to 16 drops

1 oz (30 ml) -  21 to 23 drops

5% Dilution

½ oz (15 ml) – 20 to 22 drops

1 oz (30 ml) -  27 to 30 drops

These are very conservative numbers as all oil reducer caps are not created equal. Aromatherapy is not only a science but also an art. We figure you can always add more to a blend if it is to low of a dilution ratio but if used too strongly it could cause skin sensitization issues and cause damage to the skin. Visit our blog for more tips, recipes, and more!


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