Clinic Info & Insurance Information

Clinic Information

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Insurance Company and benefits info

Our office makes every effort to bill insurance companies directly for our clients. However we cannot guarantee whether you have a benefit or not only your specific insurance plan can decide that. We recommend you contact your insurance company directly to verify you have coverage to see a Massage Therapist for care BEFORE your appointment. This way you are not left with an unexpected bill. 

Effective January 1, 2021 Piper Cabebe is in network with:




Uniform Medical

Pacific Source insurance plans.

If you aren't sure please call your insurance and give them Piper's name so they can be sure she is in the network.

Standard Medical Insurance Plans

Insurance plans vary and not all carriers provide massage as a benefit for every member, the best way to know if you have coverage is to contact your insurance carrier directly. Some carriers require you to have prior authorization or a referral from a medical provider before massage care is received and they are your best option to get this information to have your massage services covered.

Massage billed to insurance is billed out using the following codes:

97124 at $28.25 per unit

97140 at $28.25 per unit

Motor Vehicle or Personal Injury Claims

We do offer billing for motor vehicle claims for open and active PIP claims only with current clients. Third Party claims require payments made at time of service or agreements made with the therapist. Due to the nature of third party claims they can take years sometimes to settle and payment needs to be coordinated before care is provided.  If you have questions about your claim please contact us so we can assist you.

Health Spending Accounts or Flex Spending Cards

Most HSA or FSA cards will run on our credit card processing systems. Occasionally we run into one that has massage services blocked from use at Massage Facilities. If for some reason your company does not allow direct withdrawal for services you can submit your receipt and attempt reimbursement directly from them.

As with any insurance claim it is up to you the patient to know your benefits, we do all we can to get this information and to try and keep you from being left with balances you are not expecting but unfortunately not all benefits relating to massage are easily navigated. We will make every effort to bill your claim and do our part but we recommend verifying your benefits directly with your insurance carrier prior to receiving massage therapy.

We know this is a lot of information and if you have questions don't hesitate to reach out and ask, we are happy to help.