The Journey

The Journey

It's funny to find yourself on a path you NEVER thought you'd take, never even contemplated before, yet here we are. We choose a door and go, one path we walk towards one thing and the other we walk away from it.

This world brings us opportunities as well as frustrations, happiness, sadness and at the end of the day hope or despair. We get to choose some of the doors we walk through, some of the opportunities we take and where we go of course but sometimes we don't get to go there without some pretty rough, rocky paths. 

I never thought I'd be sharing or "teaching" what I know. I loved playing teacher and writing when I was a little girl but I believed I was not "enough" to be a teacher. I've decided we all have things to teach, we are all teachers. It may not look like it did when you were in a classroom many years ago but we all teach. We all help people understand information, share information or help someone learn how to do something they couldn't necessarily do before so doesn't that make us all teachers?

When I was a young I loved playing teacher, even had a chalk board on my wall and would stand up telling my toys how the day was going to go and what we were going to learn. It never occurred to me that they might not learn from me, I just did it. What a beautiful gift an imagination is. Then life happened, you hear critics and start to believe the BS they tell about you, I truly believe that really isn't even our business but I certainly didn't know that at that young age. I bought into the BS hook, line and sinker. It frames what we think we can do, accomplish and be. 

Along the way I fell in love with science, with health with medicine. I went back to school, worked with patients and medical providers and LOVED it! I learned from those willing to teach me, I guess you can say I've always been a learner with info junkie tendencies 😉 And then I taught some more, taught new staff, worked in a tech school, taught patients, it was my thing and I fought it for so long but it was there all along I just told myself it wasn't.

When we come to a split in the road we choose, to stay or go, to help or not, to create, to write, to paint, to learn and to grow. We rarely stay the same and thank goodness that's the case. It's ok to choose a path and walk it. It's ok to find out it isn't for you anymore.

There is beauty in the journey, like walking away from my workaholic 20's to family focused 30's to now my work & family loving, do more of what I love instead of have to do 40's. I chose to walk away from my career traditional medicine and become a massage therapist in 2003.

It was then I learned about aromatherapy and herbs which seemed like total whack a do stuff before, now I see a different way. It's important we realize one way isn't better than the other just different and that's ok. I chose to write, teach, create and help people feel better, to deal with burn out, manage their pain and stress, that is my choice now. I may choose another later but getting so caught up in doing it right or perfect or whatever almost made me miss it.

Friend, don't miss your "it" go for it. Enjoy the journey, the ride, the whatever you want to call your little jaunt down the way because your way isn't my way and we need us all. I fought it, I wasn't sure I could but the love and joy of creating and sharing what I know and continue to learn pushes me on. Like our beautiful friends the butterfly, we transform, we change and we morph into a new creation.

Take the road that calls to you in your dreams and see where it leads. Your way doesn't have to look like anyone else's way, after all it's YOUR way. My hope for you is that you stop and smell the flowers on your journey and let their beauty and aroma give you strength ❤️🦋

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