Summer is here and so is rest and relaxation, or is it?

Summer is here and so is rest and relaxation, or is it?

If you are like me you love the summer weather and the extra laid-back time with family. No school timed wake-ups, soccer games aren't every weekend, chores are mostly outside, and life is good. But what happens when you are a person who believes you have to be doing, working, grinding in order to be something. Man this belief is a tricky one and it makes laying around reading or staring up at the clouds almost painful. 

I used to be that person. That my worth and my value were only if I was busy, cleaning, being with my kids, working on our website, or connecting with clients. Doing something made me feel like I was good. But in all honesty, it was keeping me from letting my body repair and rest, to show my kids that play and boredom, yes boredom promote creativity and intuition. All that "work" I was doing made this girl very, very burned out. 

Burnout is a sneaky bugger. It did teach me to choose quality over quantity, hold fast to my work boundaries and that play and rest were one of the most important parts of life. Now we all gotta pay the bills and fund those big dreams we have but finding joy, relaxation, and really sinking in and watching the clouds pass by are therapeutic. Your body craves and needs that downtime. So I wanna challenge you to check out, log off, laugh your fanny off with your kids, partner, or friends, and HECK even yourself! The urge to do, do, do is strong so really be kind to yourself while you make these changes. 

Lay on the ground watching the clouds roll on, the sun on your face, and the birds chirping in the background. Give yourself 10 minutes every day. No cell phone or distraction just be and maybe your body will tell you all it's been craving and needing to be its best. You just might walk away feeling better than you ever have at the end of summer. Give it a go! We all have 10 minutes in every 24 hours you are worth it!

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