Steam Pots, Diffusers and AromaSticks

Steam Pots, Diffusers and AromaSticks

As I've shared numerous times in our courses and ebooks using essential oils in steam pots or diffusers is a wonderful way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. We are after all practicing aromatherapy😊

Steam Pots are simple ways to scent a room, create a steam tent with a towel or covering to reduce congestion or even steam your face as a wonderful self care facial. 

  1. Add water to pot on your stove top. Heat the water until it's hot and steamy.
  2. Remove from heat and add in your essential oils. This will vary depending on what your purpose for the steam pot is. If you have congestion and you're adding decongesting essential oils then 2-3 drops for an adult. But if using it for facial treatment only 1or 2 might be necessary. This is where you have to start small and add if you need to.
  3. If steaming for congestion, cover your head over the pot with a towel and create a tent over the steaming pot. Be careful not to get too close as steam CAN burn you. And be sure you're away from the stove top burners.
  4. If steaming for scent in your room just add the few drops of the scent you want to smell and let the heat and steam disperse it into the air.

Simple as can be however please use caution if using steam pot tent type process to not burn yourself getting too close. As I always say start small and add and this case is no different. Start farther away from the pot and see how it feels you can always move a little closer if it's safe to do so. Safety is key!

Diffusers are amazingly cool devices that you add essential oils too and they put the aroma out into the world. Some diffusers are ceramic and use candles to create heat that then heats the oil and the scent radiates into the air. Others are glass or plastic using cold water and making a mist that goes into the air creating your scent distribution. Then there are very high end diffusers that use neither flame nor water and they are disperse the oil into the air. For many of us average home users the ceramic or mist diffusers will be our diffuser of choice.

You can find diffusers online from many different companies I say find one you love the look of if you wish to have it in the main part of your home as you'll be looking at it often. As for choosing flame or mist diffuser that is also up to you. Do you like the look of one over the other? Do you feel safe using candles to create the flame? 🔥  Another thing to note is that instead of making a steam pot you can always inhale over the mist diffuser to relieve a headache or congestion just won't have the benefits of the steam opening the sinuses but it is an option.

Lastly let's chat about aromasticks or personal inhalers. These little beauties are perfect to take your essential oil blend with you on the go or to places you can't wear a scent as it might be bothersome to aroma sensitive folks. Some essential oils can really bother our friends and coworkers so this is a great way to use them in tight quarters. 

  1. Add essential oils undiluted to the cotton wick that came with your aromastick or inhaler.
  2. Put wick that has your oils on it inside inhaler tube and cap the end.
  3. Unscrew top cap and inhale from top. 

These fit perfectly in gym bags, computer bags and purses and last quite a while. Some of mine have easily lasted more than a year but I can't guarantee that as it depends on the oils and other factors. One very important thing to note is that these should not be shared. They go into your nose and we don't want to pass infections and viruses not to mention its just gross.

Using personal inhalers is perfect for anxiety or stress blends, headaches or congestion reducing creations so be sure to consider these in your aroma cabinet.

Alright I think that's about enough from me but be sure to ask questions or share your favorites diffuser or inhaler blends in the comments, we do in fact learn better together ❤️

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