Self Care and Feeling Enough

Self Care and Feeling Enough

I don't know about you but for many of us feeling like we are enough just as we are and not because of our accomplishments is tough. We often think we have to be constantly performing, or being the perfect parent, child, boss, mentor, employee, or insert whatever here. But the truth is you are enough now just as you are flaws and all. 

Let that sink in for just a moment. Say it out loud with me, "I am enough." Ok now take a deep breath and really say it. "I am enough." Those 3 little words sure have a lot attached to them, don't they? Maybe you had a rough childhood or terrible relationships in the past and were bullied by peers or even a teacher. Or maybe you had a great family and on the surface you know they loved you but they didn't quite express it in a way you personally relate. 

You are enough.

You are enough right now with unshaved legs and messy hair.

You are enough with your debt.

You are enough with your divorce or "failed" relationship.

You are enough with your depression. Your anxiety. Your food addiction. 

You are enough even though you were snippy with your partner or your kids. 

You are enough even though...... (Insert whatever you need to here)

Ok, you get my point. We are all enough just by being us. We do need to get healing around things are h us or work on our BS, my enoughness statement is not to excuse crap behavior and things you need to work on, but it does show that in the midst of those things you are still amazing and enough. Get with a counselor. Read books on healing. Get a coach to help you sort through whatever you have going on. Work to become a better parent so the past traumas don't have to carry on. Be a better partner. Learn new skills and get a new job. Learn to budget and pay off debt. Start an investment account. Start working out. Do yoga or walk. Work on loving and connecting with yourself. 

Self care and investigation to heal bring those things in line and help us to better show up to love and care for others.

Do the work. Let us love and support you while you do. Receive the grace that many will offer you and do the work. You, little you that was wounded deserves it. It's your time! Allow yourself to transform and become the best version of yourself possible. Where can you start?

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