Relaxation When Life is Really Stressful

Relaxation When Life is Really Stressful

Finding ways to relax when life is really stressful is really tough isn't it. I mean if we could figure that out we wouldn't ever be stressed or down or unhappy right? Uh Nope! We need to stop hiding from those feelings, recognize them, say hello to the "dark side" then thank them for showing up and let them go so we don't linger and get caught there. 

Often we hear the words "BE POSITIVE!" or "STOP BEING NEGATIVE" but that's total bullshit. We have those feelings for a reason, maybe we are experiencing grief or just a lull in our mojo and productivity, maybe we have a stressful period at home and work and we do not have to feel guilty for that. But, yes there's a but, when we wallow there for weeks, months and years constantly telling ourselves and everyone else how much life sucks, Mondays suck, my job sucks, my marriage sucks we just keep it sucking.

Read that again. You, me, WE have to flip the script in our heads. We can look for the most tiny things to be grateful for and use that to change the way our brain looks at our lives and situations. Earlier this year when my mom's health was really declining rapidly we were in the middle of a global pandemic, my brick and mortar business location was first on shut down and then on minimal hours and it sucked. But I am so grateful for the moments I got to spend at the hospital with her, with her at home, driving her to appointments and most importantly I had the time.

In the moments it was stressful, scary, sad and some days completely overwhelming but gratitude saved my mindset during that time. I looked at the sun shining, or flowers blooming, I became grateful for my daily walks and jogs as comfort and goodness for my body. I become more grateful for my kids and husband's willingness to step in and help me any way they could tried to stay focused on that and not get irritated with them if something wasn't "RIGHT" That perfection monster coming in hot. I digress.

I used my essential oil inhaler, wore my favorite oily perfume and lip balm which all helped me feel grounded and relaxed. I used EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique as a pattern disrupter, check it out if you've never done it. I journaled A LOT! I committed to jogging or walking EVERY SINGLE DAY for 30 minutes minimum. As of this post I'm on day 277 straight and it was a huge part of my self care during this past year.

I don't have all the answers but I do know sitting and reading Social and News media on a loop won't help you find peace, calm or lower your cortisol levels. Maybe it's time to pick one thing and try it for 2 weeks and see what it does for you. There isn't necessarily a right or wrong just pick one and do it, commit for yourself, your sanity, your health, your happiness and your joy.

Joy is how we can win because life with out joy is so sad. Much love my friends during this time, know I'm always happy to help with self care tools and tips, aromatherapy recipes and ideas. You've got this!

Calm Diffuser or Roll on Essential Oil Recipe

 1 drop Sandalwood

2 drops Bergamot

1 drop Sweet Orange

add essential oils to diffuser and enjoy. I recommend diffusing for 15-30 then turning off the diffuser and letting the aroma do it's magic.

To create a roll on blend get a roller top bottle add in your essential oils, If using topically I recommend using FCF Bergamot or Bergapten Free Bergamot as Bergamot can increase or photosensitivity to the sun. Fill bottle with Jojoba or carrier oil of your choice. Cap the top and gently rock the bottle to mix your oils before rolling onto wrists, neck or chest as you would any perfume. 

Breathe deep friend and enjoy! Joy is where it's at ❤️🦋

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