Relax and love your body with this simple meditation practice

Relax and love your body with this simple meditation practice

If you haven't figured it out yet I'm the queen of simple. I like to make things and quick and easy as possible. Most of us spend far too much time in our heads worrying about how things are going to go, if they are going to go and on and on in a constant drone of crap in our heads.

This mediation is truly one of the simplest ways to love and appreciate our bodies based on a practice called 

Hoʻoponopono. It's a forgiveness technique used by tons of people to do simple forms of forgiveness work without spending tons of time. One reason I really love this mediation is the focus on loving our bodies and forgiving it for times we feel it may have let us down. So even if you think "Oh Piper I don't have any of that crap." just play along and give it a try 😉

In this mediation sit or lay down comfortably. This can be in your car in the parking lot while you wait for your kids, on the bus or train on your way to and from work or even at your desk at lunch. Just some place quiet and preferably where you won't be too disturbed. You can pop in your headphones and listen to instrumental music, no lyrics, while you do this or just the quiet. 

Close your eyes and breathe in deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth for 4 deep breaths. Now in your mind I want you to start at your feet, think of your feet and say "I forgive you, I'm Sorry, Thank you, I love you." Then move on up to your ankle and shins/calves. Repeat the same "I forgive you, I'm Sorry, Thank you, I love you." moving up to your knees then hips and thighs.

At each location feel that location and say the words again and again. Until you reach the top of your head. 

Take 4 deep breaths again now. Keep your eyes closed and feel if any organs or areas that maybe need more focus. Think on that area now if you do and repeat the mantra on that area and all organs in that area. 

"I forgive you, I'm Sorry, Thank you, I love you."

Take 4 more deep breaths and open your eyes. Hopefully you'll feel relaxed and calm after this session but I also hope you will feel more connected with your body and how it's cared and been there for you. Be grateful for how amazing it is keeping you alive even if it's been unhealthy or hurt in the past. This is a beginning step to loving and recreating a joyful, healthy connection back with your body mind. 

Let me know how it goes and if you need any more tips just ask! That's why I'm here and do what I do ❤️

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