Making Solid Perfume with Essential Oils

Making Solid Perfume with Essential Oils

So I've ventured into the world of solid perfumes! I found a recipe from my friend Andrea at Aromahead and it inspired me to give them a whirl. Now this recipe is modified a bit and worked wonderfully well for me, it was quick and easy and smells AMAZING! It uses few ingredients and the aroma seems to last through the day well. You could use just about any oil combo you like so the possibilities are endless but here is the blend I made yesterday.


2 oz Beeswax

1 oz Jojoba

17 drops Sandalwood

15 drops Yuzu

7 drops Jasmine

Melt Beeswax in double boiler or pyrex in a pot of water on low to medium heat. I like to do this slowly especially when using butters like shea or Cocoa as they get gritty so it is really just habit for me. As it melts use glass stir rod to blend Jojoba into the Beeswax. 


Once the Beeswax is melted remove it from heat and stir in your essential oils and pour into your jars, allow to cool before attempting to apply. So easy and fun. Try playing with different combinations of oils that you love and find the perfect scent just for you! If you have a combo you love be sure to share it below in the comments so we can all try it too!

Happy Oiling :)


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