I'm sorry, I didn't shave my legs for this session

I'm sorry, I didn't shave my legs for this session

Ok this one is specifically for the ladies on my table but men you might be feeling this insecurity or self conscious stuff too so listen up. You do not have to have shaved your legs, your arm pits, your back or whatever BEFORE your massage appointment. Read that again. Yes please take a shower or don't come right after you did hot yoga or ran 20 sweaty miles but the fact that you didn't want to or have time to shave your legs is not an insult to me.

In fact your bodyworker respects you and your body just as it is. We have these ridiculous ideas of what women should look like and be like so when they aren't they are constantly apologizing because we have cellulite or our glutes and hips have pain and our massage therapist might have to work near there or those hairy legs, oof those hairy legs are a big one. So consider this your pass. The next time you start to apologize for your hairy legs or whatever stop, take a deep breath and thank your body for the ability to be healthy, to grow hair 😉, or the fact that the pain is telling your something and then enjoy your massage or therapy session.

I am here to tell you your body is a magnificent thing, yes even with cellulite, crazy hairs and pain. It isn't bad, ugly, weak or disgusting. IT IS AMAZING! It does so many unbelievable things while we feed it garbage, live on coffee on stress about every little, and big thing in the world so next time you step out of the shower and see your belly or the arm fat or stretch mark trying looking through the lens of love. Thank your body and appreciate it for all it does for you. The best way to move forward if you really want to change is start making small changes for the better out of love, not disgust, hate or disdain but from a place of love. 

Grab a journal and write out those feelings and see if it changes your stress level. Get a meditation app and do it daily. Go for a walk or exercise every day. Drink more water. Get some sleep. But please for the love of all things do it with love not with self loathing. You are worthy and deserving of love, even from yourself, heck maybe starting there is the best. So shave those legs or not but when you hop on my table bring the love for that fabulous body and all its flaws because that body is truly miraculous! 

To self love & compassion,


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