Essential Oils for Loss and Grief

Essential Oils for emotional health is such wonderful part of aromatherapy. Using oils to support our emotions during times of grief and loss is something many of us may need at some time or another. We will talk a bit about over all use of oils with depression as well since many times that can go hand and hand. While going through loss an grief you can use aromatherapy to help support your emotional well being. Now you this may also be a time when counseling, medical intervention or other forms of treatment may be needed as well so please do not hesitate to get the appropriate care if you need to, aromatherapy is a tool, albeit a powerful tool but sometimes we need more assistance than any one thing can offer.

Aromatherapy for supporting emotions I believe works very well, the aroma of the oils affects our Limbic System, our "caveman" brain and it they have a powerful effect. Ever wonder why a certain smell can bring back a memory or brighten your day? This is why! I like to choose oils that I personally really love, of course choosing their therapeutic properties and knowing that they offer the benefits I am looking for is extremely helpful but from those oils choosing ones that I love the smell also has an impact. It is aromatherapy after all ;)

Many essential oils offering grounding or sedating properties, oils that come from trees, roots and resins typically are very calming in this way. Then you have the lovely florals that lift our mind and spirit and facilitate feelings of happiness and reduce the stressed feelings and response and of course many oils in between.

Looking at oils like Frankincense, Vetiver, Myrrh, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood are all very grounding and sedating to our nervous system which is very helpful when our minds are on over drive. They also seem to lift the mood and adding mood boosting oils like Bergamot, Jasmine, Geranium, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Rose, Neroli and Roman Chamomile can help us create an aroma blend that will help us process those feelings. I also like to use Cypress because it seems to be really good and supporting us while dealing with change and let's face it this type of situation is definitely one of change.

2 Drops Bergamot, 3 Drops Lavender, 2 Drops Geranium blend into carrier oil of your choice and either 10 ml roller bottle, 15- 30 ml bottle or use just the essential oils in your diffuser or inhaler.

2 Drops Frankincence, 2 Drops Sandalwood, 1 Drop Cypress, 1 Drop Rose Blend essential oils into 15 ml- 30 ml of carrier oil or use just the essential oils in your diffuser or inhaler.

2 Drops Frankincense, 2 Drops Bergamot, 1 Drop Neroli blend essential oils into 10 ml roller bottle with carrier oil, or 15 ml- 30 ml bottle filled with carrier oil.

2 Drops Cypress, 2 Drops Bergamot, 2 Drops Lavender and blend into carrier oil of your choice or again use in your diffuser.

Here are a few blends to try but remember to get creative, use oils you like and start slowly drop by drop blending them together and see what really speaks to you. Don't forget to come back and share what oils you love and let's create some nurturing blends and may we all find our inner peace.

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