Cleaning with oils, say WHAT?

Years ago we kicked the toxic chemical cleaners to the curb. I grew up in a house where clean meant BLEACH and when I moved into my own place years ago I just couldn't stand to use it. The smell, the drying of my skin it just wasn't for me.

So I started using vinegar and let's face it vinegar works great but the smell not so much. Later when we had kids they would come in and say "oh Mom you cleaned the bathroom and it smells so gross!" 🤔 so I started adding essential oils to my vinegar cleaning solution and I have found that you can make some pretty amazing cleaning blends quick and easy.

I use this base recipe for most things, 14 or so ounces water to 2 ounces distilled white vinegar and then just add essential oils to it. I use a standard 16 oz spray bottle and sometimes I add more essential oils than what is listed and some times less, remember Aromatherapy is an art as well as a science so play a little😉 Some ideas to try are of course Lemon, Orange, Siberian Fir, Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Pinon Pine and Clove. Lemon, Sweet Orange, or Bergamot oil is also great for removing sticky stuff or labels from bottles and jars. What is your favorite cleaning blend or essential oils for cleaning?

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