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I love to use body wash, I don't really like bar soap I admit it, I know, I know some people love it but I just love my good old body wash. I was using a non toxic brand for a few years and decided to make my own to save costs with all my boys in the house we go through quite a bit. I thought I would share that recipe with you all in case you like to make your own too.

2 oz of Aloe Vera Gel, I use Lily of the Desert
6oz of liquid Castile soap, I use Dr. Bronners unscented
approx 5 ml of Vitamin E oil
15-25 drops of your favorite essential oil

Add the aloe vera gel to the soap and the Vitamin E and blend together, add essential oils and blend again. I use glass stir rods to mix mine or just put them in the container and shake, shake, shake ;-)

Now I try to use unrefined, organic or wild-crafted ingredients whenever I can. We know that anything we put on our skin absorbs, (pain and hormone patches work because of this), which is why I want my essential oils pure and my carrier oils, lotions etc to be as well. Just say no to synthetics!

As for essential oil choices you can use citrus oils, spruce or conifer oils, Lavender or Patchouli are great as well. Just choose things you like and go for it! Let me know what oils you choose to scent your new body wash.

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