3 Simple activities to reduce muscle tension in your neck and shoulders

3 Simple activities to reduce muscle tension in your neck and shoulders

Good old muscle tension creeping up the neck and shoulders it's a tale as old as time or so it seems. This is one of the most common reasons people seek massage care. Our usage of computers and phone is no surprise as a major cause of the pain and tension that goes on there. But we also carry a lot of emotional "Weight of the World" things there too. So I personally like to address it in this 3 pronged manner.

First, close your eyes and sit or lay quietly. Gently shrug and move your shoulders around until they feel comfortable and pulled down from your ears. Breathe in and out deeply for 6 rounds. Inhale for 6 hold for 6 then exhale for count of 6. Continue on breathing normally but intentionally deep in to your belly while asking yourself why is this tension present? Too much computer work, too many to do's on my list, not enough water or exercise? See what comes up. Do not filter or feel guilty about what your body tells you just listen. Then give thanks for the information because now you can formulate a plan from there.

Second, lay face down on your floor arms out at sides near your hips, palms down. WIth your head in a neutral position contract area between your shoulder blades and rise up contracting those muscles. Hold for count of 2 or 3 then relax lowering your upper body back down. Do this exercise 5 or 6 times. Be careful to keep your head in a neutral position do not crane it back to look up.

Next, while laying face down on the floor bring your arms up to a goal post position just at your shoulder level or slightly above. Bring your right leg over to your right side twisting in the middle. Hold for a moment then switch and do other leg. Repeat serious of 10. 

Now stand up and place your arms up again in goal post position. Rotate your arms from an up position to down while not lifting your shoulders to your ears. Nice and gently lift and lower getting range of motion in that chest and front shoulder. Do NOT force it and do not take it so far it hurts. Kind and gentle are the name of the game here.

Lastly, take 5-10 minutes set a timer and grab paper and a pen. Write down any thoughts not matter how crazy they may be. Get all the scrambled and overwhelming bits down on paper and out of your mind. Keep anything you need like scheduling a dental appointment and release or let go of anything not important. List at least one thing to be grateful for today and get to it! You are in charge of your life so go make it one you love! Cheering your on always! 


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