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Stop and Be Really Honest

When was the last time you felt really good? The last time you didn't want to rush to your next vacation or spa day? How can you create the feelings you have after your massage or vacation on any given day?

How can we create a life where you have more of those moments even in the day-to-day grind? We believe creating a set self-care system can help you find a happier less painful and relaxed way of life. Work with us to create a life you don't need to take a vacation from but one that helps you live and love those that mean the most to you.

  • Massage and Body Work

    Receiving massage therapy or body work can relax us, increase healthy sleeping patterns, reduce muscle tension and pain while also helping us feel a general feeling of well being. Physical and emotional well being are connected. Having pain can impact our mental health just like having too much stress impacts our physical health. Scheduling massage sessions to reduce your pain and tension ahead of serious injury can help you live and feel your best.

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    Aromatherapy and Herbs

    Using aromatherapy and herbs can help us find our balance as well as create a warm, loving environment that is calm and supportive.

    Aromatherapy has a way of helping us feel relaxed as well as reducing our physical tension that is often associated with stressful times.

    These little beauties are a perfect addition to your massage session or take a blend home to use between sessions to help carry that calm, grounded and relaxed feeling with you anytime.

    Learn About Aromatherapy 
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    Committing to a time to write our thoughts down gets our ideas out of our heads and can help us focus on what we really love and even what goals we want to achieve. Whether you need to journal past trauma or injury, write about things you're grateful for or even just log your dreams and ideas, journaling can help you focus and find gratitude.

    Self Care strategies like journaling, meditation, and relaxation practices get you feeling your best are far more than just bubble baths and even massage sessions. You need to care and love your self again, filling your well to be able to give to others. 

    Journaling Practices 
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    Movement and Meditation

    Quieting our minds and getting in some consistent movement can help us really listen to what we are being called to do, work out problems we are stressed over and connects our body and mind. The happy endorphin release from the exercise helps our body relax and feel less stressed.

    Allowing time for our minds to clear, breath to fill our body and calm to wash over us gives us the opportunity to really tune in and  feel in to see what our areas of physical discomfort might be telling us.

    Some of us meditate while walking, jogging or sitting quietly in a yoga pose. Any and all of these practices are correct as long as they work for you. As with any self care consistency is key.

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Work with Me

I see time after time how stress can impact not only our mental wellbeing but also our physical body. It creates places of pain and discomfort on top of the whirling thoughts in our minds that never seem to shut off. Committing to one or two self care tools you can find a channel for those thoughts, bring balance and peace to your whirling mind.

Creating a self care routine for yourself can help you give more to your family and those you love. Like the saying goes you can't pour from an empty well.

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